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Homecare and You
What are your views on Homecare and how beneficial do you see the service being too/for those in need? Do you feel the current policies have helped or hindered the progression of homecare overall?
Posted on 28 Mar 2012 by abrighter
by Laura @ 28 Mar 2012 06:04 am
Initially my views on homecare were very negative based off information that I had obtained from friends and colleagues in the work field. It was until my own Mother became ill that really opened my eyes up to the reality of what the benefits of homecare were and how this service impacts the lives of so many in a positive way. I think people have to breakdown and understand that an illness or disability doesn’t just affect the person that is dealing with it, but also that person’s entire support system and family. In my situation, my mother was suddenly hit with an illness that required her to either A) Go in a nursing home, B) Move in with me, or C) Be in the comfort of her own home. Considering that my Mother was very mobile prior to her illness and very independent it would have been hard for me to deal with my inner conscious if I decided to place her in a nursing facility. My job required me to travel at least twice each month and I worked very long and demanding hours. Having her move in with me was an option, but theoretically she would have been in a similar situation as living alone in her own home. I am 8 hours away from her and the thought of uprooting her from her normal surroundings, family and friends would have played a major part in her recovery as well.--cont--
by Laura @ 28 Mar 2012 06:06 am
Prior to her illness, I would come and visit my Mother and I saw the joy she had being at home in her garden and telling stories of my deceased father and the many memories that had in the home. She loved being at home, it was her sanctuary. As I would speak to friends about planning for the future (as I was aware she was getting older) they would tell me so many horror stories regarding homecare. I even had one to say that it was a service that wasn’t needed. Hearing this and not really having much knowledge on the field I took on the assumption role that what they were stating was factual and that I would stand clear of the service. My mother would also tell me stories of her visiting friends in the nursing facilities and how miserable unhappy they were. What stood out most in those conversations, they all wished they were home. As I was traveling back from a job assignment one winter evening, I had received a phone call stating that my mom had become ill and in the process was hospitalized. I immediately made my way to the hospital and found that based off her diagnosis and complications from a fall that she would need stay in the hospital and upon release she would need assistance in the home if she was alone. --cont2--
by Laura @ 28 Mar 2012 06:07 am
I started to panic because I thought of all the negative things that I did hear about homecare. I wasn’t in a position where I could take additional time off of work, and I didn’t have too many people that I could depend on to help care for her throughout the day. I had to succumb to the harsh reality that I would have to get some help. I spoke to one of the hospital officials and asked them to give me some information on homecare agencies and what the normal process would be if I decided to go in this direction. They gave me brief information on two agencies and gave me contact information to call. I called, scheduled a time for them to come out and meet with me directly. Both agencies sent great representatives for their companies which made choosing a difficult task. I decided to try my luck with one because they mentioned that they would guarantee the individual they sent out to the home was properly trained and screened; however that there may be a possibility that the personalities to work well together and if that happened if I contacted them they would immediately look to replace the person. They went on to state that they would work with me until everyone was happy with the match. --cont 3--
by Laura @ 28 Mar 2012 06:08 am
Mom was released from the hospital and they came out and went through the proper steps of assessing and admitting her as a new patient of their agency. I think the greatest part of this story and the most rewarding for me was the first person they sent out was great, very nice, mother liked her but Mother didn’t like that she didn’t know how to cook that well **smiles***. My Mother was very big on eating, so this was something very important that I didn’t emphasize during the time the Nurse was asking questions. She mentioned it, but I blew it off thinking she would have her close friend handling that task. I contacted the agency about the situation and they were very understanding and told me that if my Mother could make it one no more than two more days with the current person they would ensure that they had someone out there that could cook as well. The important factor here was they stated they wanted to make sure they found someone that would blend well with Mother and had a similar personality as her current caregiver but could also cook. Needless to say, they found someone that worked well with her.
--cont 4--
by Laura @ 28 Mar 2012 06:08 am
She has been with Mother for 21 months as of today and although Mother still needs assistance, she is doing very well. She uses a wheelchair and walker now, but the confidence level of getting around and during her rehabilitation stage the caregiver ‘Ruby D’ has done an outstanding job with Mother in building and making her stronger each and every day. Mother constantly tells me she doesn’t know how she has gotten around this long without Ruby D. She constantly states she was God sent and that she never would have been able to get back on her feet again without this service. I sit back and get emotional at times because if there wasn’t a service such as homecare I would have probably had to result to putting her in a nursing facility. Just knowing how miserable she would have been pains me. Her favorite saying is: “If I have to go, I want to go in the comfort of my own home”, I think that’s always a sign to tell me to keep her home no matter what. You don’t know the hard work “Good” agencies put in to find qualified staff and caregivers to assist people like my Mother. This experience keeps me happy, able to focus on my job, and the opportunity to live my own life without the stress of worrying all the time about Mother.
--cont 5--
by Laura @ 28 Mar 2012 06:09 am
You have to consider what is gained and lost in these situations. I know what would have been lost and that being My Mother, but I am glad I found out what was gained and that is I have not seen my Mother this happy since the passing of my Father. She enjoys the time she spends getting the help she needs and telling ‘Ruby D’ about every story that little house of hers holds near and dear to her heart. I am a firm believer that we find good and bad service in everything we do in life; but similar to a restaurant that provides service that is not good, you may not go to that particular restaurant again, but you will try one out elsewhere. Homecare is a lifesaver, life changer and a service that is far more beneficial than people give it credit. To my friends and colleagues that had so many negative things to say about the service, I can tell you now that I definitely don’t agree and couldn’t imagine life without it. Try the service elsewhere because I am sure there is great service waiting on you at an agency such as the one I decided to utilize. Homecare will always have a place in our heart and home. It surely gets a five star rating from us!
Take care and thanks for making a difference.
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