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What to do this summer??
Yesterday the NBA completed its lengthy season and crowned a new champion. There were many people happy to witness the rise of yet another champion, but as the moment dwindled away reality for many started to set in afterwards. NO Basketball or Football to watch for a couple of months. This time becomes difficult for some diehard sport fanatics and with some, tends to rush the summer away before any real enjoyment. Here is a small survival guide for the men and some women to make the transition very productive yet pleasant:

Work on getting your grass in perfect condition, clean your garage out and make room for some new football items to hang up, give your car the ultimate treatment with a full detail and wax job, get some needed laundry taken care of before the summer is out, try your hand with a new recipe for the family to enjoy, go for a walk a couple of times so that you are prepared for the extra energy you will use up cheering on your favorite team during the season, and catch up on the latest movies, this is a golden time. Trust me--August will be here before you know it and that means ALL of those things get SHUT DOWN for FOOTBALL SEASON! You don't need the extra distractions during that time and you can always say you were productive for two full months. In the great words of wise men "you must practice what you preach". Therefore, I put this plan in action and started with my Pre Football season crash course! I got my opening day pass for the season, and my Fantasy Football draft day locked in! A couple more of these days I am in Minnesota watching the Vikings dismantle the Redskins! Enjoy your Summer!
Posted on 21 Jun 2013 by abrighter
Homecare and You
What are your views on Homecare and how beneficial do you see the service being too/for those in need? Do you feel the current policies have helped or hindered the progression of homecare overall?
Posted on 28 Mar 2012 by abrighter
CPR and Children
Do you feel that children between the ages of 8-12 should know how to perform CPR? There has been a recent trend of young children saving the lives of loved ones by performing CPR. Do you see this as a trend to help or potentially be a hazard in the future; meaning do you feel that children this age can perform the proper techniques of CPR?
Posted on 05 Dec 2011 by abrighter
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